greenSand Olivine
Applications & Tips
greenSand Olivine
Applications & Tips
greenSand Olivine
Applications & Tips

Three ways to use greenSand Olivine for plant care

With greenSand Olivine products, you can nourish your garden and capture CO2 emissions at the same time! Olivine is a durable and natural mineral from which all the greenSand products originate.

Potting Soil

greenSand potting soil is a first-class potting soil enriched with the mineral Olivine. It is composed of the best peat types and the nutrients come from a special NPK fertilizer with trace elements. greenSand potting soil does not contain any fertilizers.

Whether it concerns your indoor plants, balcony, patio plants or the young plantings in the border in your garden, greenSand Olivine potting soil adds the most important nutrients for your plants. One of the main elements in Olivine is magnesium. greenSand Olivine releases the magnesium in doses, so that greenSand potting soil even adds magnesium over a longer period than 8 weeks. It is essential for the formation of chlorophyll that enables the plant to absorb energy from sunlight. The magnesium that is released during the weathering of the Olivine ensures healthy plants.

Moreover, greenSand potting soil is not only good for your plants by also helping the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Every kg of Olivine binds not less than 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. In this way, you do not only make your plants grow better, but improve the quality of our air!

Gardening Soil

greenSand gardening soil is enriched with the mineral Olivine. Olivine adds many benefits to the gardening soil, which makes it an excellent addition for your garden. greenSand Olivine is well-known for its capability to capture carbon, as we like to say it, ‘With a grain of greenSand you can change the world!’. With greenSand Olivine, you clean CO2 emissions next to your front door. In this way, you make not only your garden pretty but also your world a bit more beautiful.

greenSand gardening soil is excellent for your soil. It improves the soil structure and prevents acidification of the ground, making spreading lime unnecessary. Olivine releases the dosed magnesium into the soil, so that greenSand gardening soil improves it over a more extended period.

Ideal for raising borders, leveling your garden or lawn and as an addition in planting holes in trees and shrubs. Magnesium is one of the essential plant nutrients: It is essential for the formation of chlorophyll, which enables the plant to absorb energy from sunlight. Because of Olivine’s acidification ability, it prevents moss formation.

Lime replacement and prevention of green algae

greenSand Olivine can be used as lime replacement. greenSand Olivine has similar characteristics as lime and therefore prevents the acidification of soil and water. 1 kg of Olivine can replace 1.43 kg of lime. greenSand lime replacements are offered in both a 2 kg sprinkler and a 5kg bucket.

Most plants do not like acidic soil and greenSand is ideal for that. greenSand consists of mineral olivine that removes CO2 from the atmosphere in a natural way. greenSand mineral can easily be spread over the lawn and soil in your garden. Olivine causes the soil to loosen up and it increases the pH-level. This is important for acidic soil that we find in most places. Sprinkling lime is unnecessary. In addition, the mineral releases Magnesium to the soil for a long time, one of the most important nutrients that the plants use for green leaves. Plants and the lawn are visibly greener.

Moss disappears due to the increased pH level of the soil or lawn. Besides, it can be used to sweep over the tiles of your terrace to remove the green deposits of algae that adhere to the tiles of the terrace disappear with the help of greenSand. Sprinkle against olivine on your terrace and prevent slipperiness in the winter.