greenSand olivine
Roof Application

Green roofs are not only an eye-catcher but they are also the future! They improve the (urban) climate
by reducing the Urban Heat Island effect, purifying the air, regulating indoor temperature and encouraging the biodiversity in cities.
By applying (decorative) Olivine aggregates on your roof, you can turn your rooftop into a truly unique green roof that removes Carbon Dioxide from the
air thanks to the CO2 absorbing power of Olivine!



Olivine stone chippings that absorb CO2

The unique feature of greenSand is that it ensures a long-term removal of CO2. For this natural reaction only 3 elements are needed: the mineral greenSand Olivine, water, and the CO2 contained in our air. By replacing sand and stones with greenSand Olivine, permanent CO2 removal is possible right from your rooftop – pretty simple or? Decorative Olivine aggregate is available in 2-6 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32mm.

1 kg greenSand Olivine removes 1kg CO2 from the atmosphere.

Three Main Roof Applications

Gravel border on Sedum Roofs

Usually, sedum roofs have a border of gravel/crushed stone installed around the sedum plants, which prevents the roots of the plants from growing into the construction of the building. This stone border can be easily replaced with Olivine stone chippings to capture CO2 permanently.


Because the weight of Olivine is higher than the one of most other stones, it is perfect for ballast. The weight per cubic meter is 1.6 tons. This ensures that the Olivine ballast remains safely on your location due to its weight.


greenSand’s decorative Olivine aggregate is perfect for creating walking paths on bigger roof terraces due to the angular shape of the gravel. The angular pieces interlock with each other, creating a consistent and stable surface that is comfortable to walk on.