Let's accelerate
nature's own solution
Mother earth invented a solution to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere after volcanic outbreaks. And store the carbon permanently again.
The Solution: A Rock that removes CO2
Actually, more than 99% of all carbon is stored in Rocks. One of the these rocks that can capture CO2 is Olivine. One of the earth most abdundant minerals.
How does Olivine
capture CO2?
Olivine captures CO2 when it comes into contact with rainwater. When the rainwater hits the stone a natural chemical reaction occurs called rock weathering.
Each ton of Olivine removes a ton of CO2
Did you know that 1 ton of CO2 is about the size of an hot air balloon? Even though we are trying to reduce our current emissions, there is a big need for carbon removals.
Olivijn de steen der wijzen

The stone that removes CO2

The unique attribute of greenSand is that it permanently removes CO2 from the air, in a way that nature has been doing it for billions of years: with the mineral Olivine. But what is so special about this rock? Olivine is a volcanic rock that makes up more than 50% of the Earth’s upper mantle, meaning that it is one of Earth’s most common and abundant minerals. Large Olivine deposits can be found all over the globe. The best and most important thing about it is that Olivine is a CO2-absorbing mineral. CO2 removal through rock weathering is an effective and natural approach to fight and reverse climate change.

Slow release

The carbon removal process starts when the CO2 in the atmosphere reacts with rainwater, making the rainwater more acidic. This can be compared to sparkling water, in which the carbon dioxide adds sparkling bubbles to the water. Next, this acidic rainwater falls onto the greenSand Olivine rock, where a (natural!) chemical reaction is initiated between CO2, water and the mineral Olivine. This process is called weathering. During the weathering process the CO2 mineralises. In other words: CO2 dissolves. The final result of the reaction is a solid end product made up of Magnesium, Bicarbonate and Silica, which are nourishing elements for the soil. Its chemical formula is:

greenSand + CO2 + water => Magnesium + Bicarbonate + Silica
Mg2SiO4 + 4CO2 + 4H2O => 2Mg2+ +4HCO3- + Si(OH)4

Enhanced weathering info graphic

Enhanced weathering

This reaction occurs naturally and nature has been doing exactly this for millions of years. Weathering of Olivine rocks is nature’s own mechanism to absorb carbon dioxide and keep CO2 levels in balance. But there is a huge problem: human activities have caused CO2 levels to increase drastically, which makes it impossible for nature to keep up, given the fact that the natural process of rock abrasion and weathering is very slow. Why not copy nature’s mechanism and accelerate it? greenSand’s mission is to do exactly that!

Infographic of enhanced weahtering

The weathering speed depends on the size of the Olivine rocks: the smaller the material, the faster it weathers and removes CO2. Therefore, greenSand crushes and grinds Olivine to increase its surface area, which means that more CO2 will be removed at a faster pace. In the Netherlands, we import a lot of sand and stone types. Many of these products can be replaced by greenSand products. Stones and sand are essential materials that are used in many different fields, and the same goes for greenSand products: they are used, among other things, for walking paths, cycle paths, parking lots, and in the form of soil for gardening. Join the movement and spread Olivine against CO2! Let’s help the Earth heal itself.

100% natural symbol

100% Natural

Carbon dioxide removal with greenSand Olivine is a natural process that is based on the regenerative capabilities of mother Earth. All we must do is sprinkle as much Olivine as possible and let nature do the rest. With greenSand clean-up certificates you can even compensate your CO2-emissions from your couch!

Permanent CO2 capture


Carbon removal with Olivine might not be the fastest way to clean up CO2 from the atmosphere but it is a permanent way. The benefit of this method is that CO2 dissolves into a different material. Therefore, it will not get back into the atmosphere at a later stage, which is the case, for instance, with trees.

affordable CO2 removal


Removing CO2 with greenSand products is a simple solution, and most importantly, it is affordable; especially compared to other CO2-removal methods such as Direct Air Capture, which is a very energy and cost intensive method. greenSand clean-up certificates enable you to remove CO2 by just a few clicks.

transparent CO2 removal


If you purchase a greenSand cleanup certificate, you are able to track your contribution. By entering your certificate number, you can see where exactly on the greenSand world map the Olivine has been spread for you. Click here to get to the greenSand world map and see where CO2 is being removed!

Remove your CO2 footprint with Olivine!