The Best Landscaping Solutions with greenSand

greenSand’s Landscaping products can help you realise your dream gardens and yards while also realising our dream planet.
With the various greenSand aggregates, you cab create a unique aesthetic as well as clean up CO2.

Olivine stone chippings that absorb CO2

The unique feature of greenSand is that it ensures a long-term removal of CO2. For this natural reaction only 3 elements are needed: the mineral greenSand Olivine, water, and the CO2 contained in our air. By replacing sand and stones with greenSand Olivine, permanent CO2 removal is possible with ease, and without intervention, entirely passively. Decorative Olivine aggregate is available in 2-6 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32mm.

1kg greenSand Olivine removes 1kg CO2 from the atmosphere.

Two Main Landscape Applications


Aggregate (gravel) driveways come with various benefits over paved driveways. Because of the nature of stone chippings, drainage is achieved naturally and passively. In addition, as opposed to a paved driveway, which may be prone to cracking under thermal changes, greenSand aggregate can maintain its durability throughout all weather conditions, making it easy to maintain. Asphalt in particular is environmentally harmful to produce, whereas greenSand naturally cleans up CO2. Another plus


greenSand’s decorative Olivine aggregate is perfect for creating walking paths on terraces, yards, or gardens due to the angular shape of the gravel. The angular pieces interlock with each other, creating a consistent and stable surface that is comfortable to walk on.