Mother Earth’s Solution
To Climate Change

greensand olivine stone

Meet the stepping stone to a healthy planet.

The best solutions are always simple. Meet Olivine, a rock that absorbs CO2 from the rain. It’s a natural process called weathering, which is quite similar to the rusting of steel. Unlike trees does 1KG of Olivine permanently removes 1KG of CO2.

4.5 billion years of experience

We at greenSand did not invent the wheel. We are just copy-pasting mother earth. Our planet has succesfully cleaned the CO2 erupted from volcanoes for over 4.5 billion years already. Otherwise we would’t even be able to live here in the first place. We believe that it’s best to learn from experience.

1 kg of greenSand captures 1 kg of CO2.

greenSand Olivine removes 1 time its own weight in CO2 from the air with a process called weathering. If we spread 0.2 mm of Olivine across the entire globe our climate change problem is solved within 15 years.

No complex technology, its 100% natural

Lets skip all the fuss and complex technologies. The solution to climate change is just a simple stone. The CO2 capturing process of Olivine is 100% natural and the smaller the particicle size the faster this process goes.

97% of all the plants in the world love greenSand

greenSand Olivine contains magnesium to make your plants grow stronger and greener than you’ve ever seen before. Olivine increases the PH level to neutralize acidic soil. Making it the perfect substitute for lime and a sustainable nutrient for your soil.

Lets ROCK climate change together!

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