greenSand Gardening Soil

greenSand gardening soil is a first-class gardening soil enriched with the mineral Olivine. Ideal for raising borders, levelling your garden or lawn and as an addition in planting holes in trees and shrubs. It improves the soil structure and prevents acidification of the soil, making spreading lime unnecessary. The magnesium that is released during the weathering of Olivine also ensures a beautiful green and healthy lawn/plants since Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll.

1 kg greenSand clears 1 kg CO2

The unique feature of greenSand is that it ensures a long-term removal of CO2 which helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. For this natural reaction, three elements are needed; the greenSand olivine, water, and carbon dioxide. In this way, you make not only your plants but also your world a bit more beautiful.

1 m3

greenSand gardening soil + Olivine is a balanced nutrition for plants

Olivine releases dosed magnesium so greenSand can improve soil over a more extended period of time. Magnesium is one of the essential plant nutrients: It is crucial for the formation of chlorophyll, which enables the plant to absorb energy from sunlight.

How to apply

You can use greenSand gardening soil all year round. The plants themselves decide how much of the minerals they absorb for their growth. It only ensures that there are enough of essential substances in the soil and that they are available for the plants. You can therefore safely use the gardening soil in larger quantities. Olivine provides a sustained release of nutrients that your garden needs.

  • Sprinkle greenSand gardening soil over your border or lawn
  • When using heavy clay, add a good layer of gardening soil through the top layer
  • Rake slightly
  • Then spray with water

For the lawn, spreading a layer of greenSand gardening soil is sufficient for the ground outside the lawn. It is good to process a good layer of greenSand through the top layer. In this way, you do not only bring the nutrients into the soil but also make the structure looser and more comfortable to work with. This allows the plants to absorb oxygen to a sufficient extent.

The benefits of greenSand gardening soil + Olivine

Essential nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron)

nourishes your garden with rich minerals, helping your plants to thrive

Removes CO2 from the air and reduces the effects of global warming

neutralises the PH-value