greenSand olivine
Potting Soil
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greenSand Potting Soil

greenSand potting soil is a first-class potting soil enriched with the mineral Olivine. Due to its loose structure, greenSand potting soil is ideal for good root development of your plant. Whether it concerns indoor plants, balcony or patio plants or planting a garden border as privacy-and protection shield, greenSand potting soil contains sufficient nutrients for the first 6-8 weeks. The magnesium that is released during the weathering of the olivine ensures healthy plants.

1 kg greenSand clears 1 kg CO2

The unique feature of greenSand is that it ensures a long-term removal of CO2 which helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. For this natural reaction, three elements are needed; the greenSand Olivine, water, and carbon dioxide. In this way, you make not only your plants but also your world a bit more beautiful.

25 L

1 m3

greenSand potting soil + Olivine is a balanced nutrition for ± 8 weeks

greenSand is a collective name for products in which the mineral olivine is processed. In collaboration with BVB Substrates, high-quality substrates have been developed, all enriched with CO2-reducing greenSand olivine. greenSand potting soil + Olivine is composed of selected types of peat and NPK fertilizer with trace elements. NPK stands for (N) nitrogen, (P) phosphorus and (K) for potassium. It produces plant proteins and stimulates growth and color. Plants become visibly greener and grow fuller

The Olivine releases the magnesium in doses, so that greenSand potting soil even adds magnesium over a longer period than the 8 weeks mentioned above. Magnesium is one of the essential plant nutrients. It is essential for the formation of chlorophyll that enables the plant to absorb energy from sunlight.

How to apply?

For plants in a pot, container or tub:

  • put a thin layer of hydro pellets on the bottom of your flower pot or container
  • Cover with a layer of greenSand potting soil
  • Place the plant and supplement with greenSand potting soil
  • Press lightly and give enough of water

Plants in the border:

  • Prepare a spacious planting hole
  • Mix the soil from the planting hole with greenSand potting soil
  • Place the plant in it and fill up the planting hole
  • Press lightly and give enough water

The benefits of greenSand potting soil + Olivine

Essential nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron)

nourishes your garden with rich minerals, helping your plants to thrive

Removes CO2 from the air and reduces the effects of global warming

neutralises the PH-value