greenSand Olivine
Rock Dust
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greenSand Rock Dust

greenSand’s Rock Dust is made from the pulverised mineral olivine, with which you can nourish your garden and offset CO2 emissions at the same time. Benefits of greenSand for the garden – Stabilizes the PH value of the soil (PH value is increased by magnesium) – Provides important nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron) – Counteracts acidification of the soil (no more lime spreading) – Removes green deposits of stones and tiles – Slippery prevention on terrace and path – Cleans up the air from CO2, reducing climate change.

1 kg greenSand clears 1 kg CO2

The special feature of greenSand is that it ensures permanent CO2 removal through the weathering of olivine. Only three elements are needed for this natural reaction: the olivine rock, water, and CO2. By replacing regular sand and rocks with greenSand, you make your project good for the environment. By doing this, you personally contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gasses and support climate mitigation.


2 kg


5 kg


20 kg

Balanced nutrient supply for the plants

Olivine releases magnesium in continuous spurts, allowing greenSand to improve the soil over a longer period of time. Magnesium is one of the essential plant nutrients: it is responsible for the production of chlorophyll, which enables plants to absorb energy from sunlight and develop vibrant green leaves.


greenSand Rock Dust can be used all year round. The plants themselves determine how many minerals they absorb for their growth. greenSand Olivine Rock Dust guarantees that the soil contains enough essential nutrients for the plants to absorb. For working and loosening dense clay soil, mix plenty of greenSand Rock Dust into the top layer of soil, rake the soil lightly and then spray with water.

By incorporating greenSand Rock Dust in your garden, you also add important nutrients to the soil. The improved soil structure promotes permeability and air balance so that the plants are supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Advantages of Rock Dust

Essential nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron)

nourishes your garden with rich minerals, helping your plants to thrive

Removes CO2 from the air and reduces the effects of global warming

neutralises the PH-value