Hoekse lijn cleans up 16.000 ton CO2 with greenSand
sprinkle against CO2
greenSand Olivine
Decorative aggregate that removes CO2!
Sprinkle against CO2
Municipality Boxtel cleans 174 ton CO2
greenSand Olivine Walking paths
Sprinkle against CO2
Prof.Dr. Olaf Schuiling, olivine expert:
'Let the earth help save the Earth'
Sprinkle against CO2
how much CO2 has greenSand already removed?
greenSand is Clean up certified CO2
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greenSand Sand infill

greenSand Sand 0-3 mm

Greensand 2-6 mm

greensand 8-16 mm

greensand 16-32 mm

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greenSand Olivine products are versatile and can have numerous applications. Adding the elements of greenSand into your tender or project design gives you a unique opportunity to remove CO2 permanently. Every ton of greenSand clears a ton of CO2. greenSand Olivine releases various nutrients such as magnesium and silicate that help plants and flowers thrive, and greenSand can be used as a lime replacer. Due to its alkaline nature, greenSand de-acidifies the soil and prevents most weeds, algae, and mosses from occurring. It is often used for paths, roads, inspection paths for railways, sport fields, foundations and substructures, agriculture, and decorative aggregates within civil engineering. The sequestration of CO2 is optimal when greenSand is exposed to water or moist soil. Therefore, the magic of cleaning up CO2 still happens when greenSand is used as foundation material or in substructures.
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greenSand Olivine Mixed granulate

greenSand Olivine mixed granulate permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere! In the form of a circular product, it perfectly fits as a foundation material by providing layer stabilization. Indeed, Olivine Mixed granulate is recycled and is used for pavement foundation layers in road construction, under the driveway or parking spaces. Due to the small particle size, the CO2 is removed quickly and stored permanently.

greenSand Olivine mixed granulate can be purchased directly from our partners, or you could add it as a supplement in your recycling process. For each ton of recycled material, about 5% Olivine should be added. 

greenSand Olivine Sand Infill 180-800 μ

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greenSand Olivine crusher sand 0-3mm

Crushed Olivine makes a fantastic, stable surface for paths and pavements. And of course, within every steps, the Olivine helps to clean up the CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, due to its coarse structure, crushed sand allows water to pass through extremely well and is mainly used for the sweeping pavement with coarse joints (such as baked clinkers, natural stone pebbles or decorative paving). Crushing sand is also extremely suitable as a substrate under-baked clinkers

greenSand self binding gravel 0-4 mm

greenSand 0-4 mm is crushed olivine stone that is used as a paving material for driveways and other semi-paved surfaces such as parking lots, garden paths, inspection paths, and walking and cycling paths. It is a 100% natural product, due to the unique composition of the grain size distribution and high hook resistance, greenSand is a self-binding gravel is water-draining and air-permeable, so that the material remains very stable.

greenSand Olivine Chippings 2-6 mm

With Olivine chippings 2-6 mm you can create your path or driveway, and clean up your CO2 emissions at the same time. There are many decorative and functional applications: as a base material for making a solid foundation, as a top layer for constructing garden-, walk- and driveways or parking lots, as decoration for your garden or garden borders, as ballast on green roofs, as a sub-base material for artificial turf/sports fields etc…

greenSand Olivine Chippings 8-16 mm

With Olivine chippings 8-16 mm you can create a beautiful path or driveway and at the same time you will clean up your CO2 emissions. This is the best way to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, moreover, it is important to note that the smaller the particle size, the faster it absorbs CO2 when it comes into contact with rainwater. When applying greenSand Olivine chippings you add beautiful details to your sustainable garden.

greenSand Olivine Chippings 16-32 mm

Olivine chippings have an angular and irregular shape, which creates a stable and consistent surface because the pieces interlock. The crushed olivine stone also prevents the growth of weeds, and is gray-green in color. It’s a durable, very hard material and suitable for heavy loads. The product is multifunctional, including both functional and decorative applications. Olivine gravel can be used as a substructure or as a top layer for path-and driveways, terraces, parking lots, or as garden decoration, or for borders and edging. Gravel allows for a high degree of creativity!

greenSand Olivine packages

greenSand Olivine is available in 20kg bags with 60pc per pallet.

greenSand big bags

greenSand big bags are available in 800kg and 1600kg

greenSand Olivine bulk

greenSand Olivine bulk can be delivered via truck or picked up.