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greenSand building materials
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greenSand Olivine
Natural rock which captures and permanently removes CO2.

What is special about greenSand?

greenSand building materials are made from 100% certified olivine, a rock that, in contact with rainwater, binds and breaks down from the atmosphere. The greenhouse gas is slowly but permanently removed through the weathering process of olivine. greenSand breaks and grinds the natural volcanic rock into different particle sizes, so that the sand and stone building materials can be used in different ways, thus enabling climate-friendly construction projects.

Climate-friendly building materials

greenSand products are made from the volcanic rock Olivine. When this rock comes into contact with rainwater and CO2, it begins a weathering process, permanently binding the CO2 and breaking it down. This is a natural reaction which occurs faster, depending on the size of the rock.

Every tonne of greenSand Olivine binds and permanently removes 1 tonne of CO2.

Olivine building materials

greenSand products are 100% natural and consist of crushed Olivine, a durable and strong material. greenSand building materials are water resistant and reduce the growth of weeds and moss. With greenSand decorative gravel, crushed sand, paving, backfilling and joint sand, you can achieve a wide range of construction projects that actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Further information on grain sizes and technical data can be found in the product overview.


greenSand olivine building materials are multi-functional, as the various grain sizes are well suited for different types of building projects. For example, greenSand can be used as a ground cover, as a foundation or sub-foundation layer or as filling sand. GreenSand is used in the following areas of application:

  • Road and path construction
  • Paving bed and sub-base / foundation
  • Garden and landscape design
  • Park and sports ground construction
  • Car parks, driveways, access roads, footpaths
  • Railways

Sustainable Development Goals - Become part of the solution!

Taking the global developments into account, it is more important than ever that we work united together on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). greenSand actively contributes to climate protection, as the accelerated weathering of Olivine is a natural and permanent solution to carbon removal. The advantage is that the CO2 is not only stored in the Olivine, but is also slowly dispersed, thus preventing the carbon dioxide from being released back into the atmosphere. greenSand’s mission is to integrate climate protection into everyday life and make CO2 removal accessible to everyone. Since sand and stone products are used every day, why not use a stone that removes CO2 from the atmosphere? Cities, municipalities and individuals can use Olivine building materials to carry out sustainable projects which naturally remove CO2 in the long term.

greenSand delivers directly to your project site

greenSand Olivine is available in 20 kg bags, Big Bags or bulk packaging.

20kg bags

Big bags (800kg/1.600kg)