Olivine Applications

greenSand Paths

greenSand Olivine products could be used as paving materials for the surfaces, such as parking lots, squares and walking/cycling paths to make them capture and remove CO2!

greenSand Railway Applications

We can provide Olivine in bulk in case you are busy with building railway sidings and inspection paths. Depending on your need, you can choose the aggregate of any stone size and quantity.

greenSand Sport Fields

With greenSand Olivine products, it is possible to create an artificial grass stabilizing sand infill that could be applicable for sports fields, playgrounds and landscaping.

greenSand Foundation/Substructure

The sequestering of CO2 is optimal when exposing Olivine to air and water, so, greenSand Olivine products are a perfect fit in the commercial sector, construction, agriculture, and roads. For substructures different particle sizes are available.

Decorative Olivine-Aggregate

Olivine could be found among our products also in the form of decorative stones useful to create cozy and beautiful pathways and decorations that capture CO2 from the atmosphere. When using Olivine decorative stones, you can enjoy the creation of a sustainable landscape and mitigating the climate change effects!