greenSand Olivine
greenSand Olivine foundation applications

Processed in garden and soil substrates, greenSand cleans up CO2 emissions and releases minerals and nutrients in doses.
greenSand removes CO2 from the soil, air, and water as a substructure, as a top layer, and as inlay sand. The sequestering of CO2 is optimal when exposing Olivine to air and water, so,
greenSand Olivine products are a perfect fit in the commercial sector, construction, agriculture, and roads. For substructures different particle sizes are available.

greenSand Olivine mixed granulate

You can choose to order mixed granulate via greenSand and Lekhaven or to make it yourself at your location. You can use greenSand in your own crushers by adding 5% Olivine. This allows you to offer CO2-negative solutions to your customers and clean up your own emissions. About 825 kg of CO2 is permanently disposed of per full truck of 33t greenSand mixed granulate. greenSand will deliver 100% Olivine to your location.

greenSand mixed granulate is made with recycled concrete and rubble granulate with added greenSand Olivine. greenSand Olivine is a 100% natural product with a CO2-clearing effect. SGS tests each batch of greenSand with batch inspections, namely with environmental hygiene and technical examination. You can request the greenSand Olivine batch inspection by email.

In addition, the mixed granulate is broken under the regulation for end-of-waste recycling granulate and is produced in accordance with the assessment guidelines BRL 2506-1 (KOMO certificate) and BRL 2506-2 (NL-BSB certificate).

Olivine is permitted as a residual material according to paragraph 2 (BRL). greenSand mixed granulate is available in gradations 0 / 20 mm and 0 / 32.5 mm.

greenSand Substructures

greensand Olivine is a good alternative as a substructure because of the ability to create stable paving and foundation for different kinds of layers. The major benefit of applying Olivine in substructures and foundation layers is its CO2-removing capacity. Civil projects can now be truly CO2-neutral or even negative meaning that more carbon dioxide is removed than emitted during the construction of your project. For all different particle sizes that can be used for substructures click the link below.
heap of olivine