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Hoekse lijn cleans up
16.000 ton CO2 with greenSand
Molhoek CCT applies greenSand Olivine
Railway in Pijnacker cleans 299 ton of CO2
greenSand Olivine inspection paths
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Carbon removal solutions for your railway
Railway inspection paths that remove CO2 permanently

greenSand Olivine Railway – CO2 solutions

We can provide Olivine in bulk in case you are busy with building railway sidings and inspection paths. Depending on your need, you can choose the aggregate of any stone size and quantity.  It also represents a big advantage because greenSand self-binding gravel is broken and certified directly in the quarries. Olivine reverses CO2 impacts! The amount of CO2 removed depends on the weight, gradation, moisture and weather conditions in which Olivine is put.

greenSand Inspection paths

One of the main applications for Olivine railroad technology is related to creating a sustainable railways. It would be amazing for your travelers that CO2 is being cleaned permanently while they are sitting in the train, comfortably watching their series. greenSand is a solution to mitigate the consequences of climate change. In order to continue and improve the economy system. Just think about how easy it is to remove CO2 by replacing other materials, with the CO2-absorbing Olivine?

Molhoek-CCT constructs a sustainable inspection path with greenSand Olivine.

In the beginning of August 2020 Molhoek-CCT constructed an inspection path which will remove over 299 tons of CO2 permanently in the coming years. greenSand self-binding Olivine gravel was used next to the railway in Pijnacker. When you travel with the NS, the Dutch railway company, you can view the CO2 cleaning inspection yourself. The finely ground rock not only stops weeds from growing, but also removes CO2 from the air.

greenSand Olivine de Hoekse lijn

RET decided to advocate the use of 16,000 tons of greenSand self-binding Olivine gravel along a 24-kilometer metro line between Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland. The equal weight of CO2 will be cleaned by greenSand products derived by the unique Olivine stone!

greenSand’s products provide solutions for infrastructure, public buildings, gardens and parks. Olivine products are suitable for many public usages that could deteriorate the look of places and, at the same time, our quality of life. Olivine products represent a solution! According to Pieter van der Tang of the RET, “There are 20,000 tons of Olivine here, which remove 20 million kilos of CO2 from the air in 50 years”.

The Hoekse lijn complies with the SPC000173, additionally, greenSand inspects each arrival of Olivine through batch inspections performed by SGS. The complete reports can be sent upon request.
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